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So why *is* blogging so non-intuitive?
December 12, 2006, 11:47 am
Filed under: Life

And why am I so frustrated by facing a learning curve? I like the decide-to-do-it-and-immediately-know-how method of life. I struggle with patience (ya think?) and don’t seem to be great at asking for help. So sue me.

I just want some nice pictures in my blog, and pingbacks and trackbacks and what not, all the good stuff, with little or no effort on my part. Not that writing and pic-taking, which are the easy parts for me, should be discounted on the effort scale. But, see, I don’t really knit so far, mainly because I didn’t pick it up as fast as I picked up crochet. However, I have knit one gaggly double-bulky strand scarf (wider/looser at one end than the other), and I do have my crochet challenges, yesiree bobby. You’ll read more about those here at Lara’s World, if you stick around.

And singing, of course can be frustrating and challenging, but the rewards are amazing, and I guess it’s all in how you look at it in the end, whether or not you can get caught up blissfully in the sensuality and bliss of each moment of the journey…blithely eschewing the destination-slash-results. Which brings me to the fact that the end result is only one moment itself, and can’t really be a long-term status, if you follow me. If you’re only thinking about the bottom line moment, what do you do with the other 97% of your time? Allowing the journey to be sacred opens up your whole experience, and is, I think, in fact, (get your cheap commas here), the truth about what experience is in its natural state.

Still wish I could just post thumbnails linking to my photobucket pics. 😡


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