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Maiden Felting Voyage Adventure
December 13, 2006, 12:12 am
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Well, well, well. I got sucked in. I saw the pictures at Crochetville. I had the bags full of wool and alpaca scraps from some of my yarn hunting adventures (not to be confused with felting adventures). And I said…shoot. I can do that. And I did. And it started out sooooooooo smoothly. What can match the sense of imminent bliss of the crocheted bag, just prior to felting? The handles are done, the d-rings are set. Everything is in place, and looking OH, so good:

This is a felted bag pattern by Chelle at It was actually a CAL at Crochetville, but I came in a bit after the fact. I discovered what “felting” meant, and had to do it. Now. (Shades of an earlier post.) Chelle’s pattern was very cute and easy, if you discount the fact that I was doing my own next-to-impossible version of the HDC and, therefore, switched indignantly to extended single crochet about a third of the way through. Rest assured, I did a little more research and can now perform a (correct) HDC with the best of them. Or at least near the best of them. And I learned that ESC works just fine for felting!

Closer, you say? You require more detail? Your wish is my command (blog author clearly had too much time on hands when photo-journaling this project, but who are you to judge?):

The tourquoise and bright-ass pink are alpaca. The brown is…dunno, shetland? With little flecks of red (which do not show up in finished bag). The eyelashy stuff at the top is Bernat Disco, in some turquoise color.

Like to see the finished version, would you? Or perhaps to know what happens next, and why I’m calling this an adventure? I bet you would! But I Lara, am sleepy now, and since this is my World, you’re gonna have to wait. (Please.)


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Looks good pre-felting 🙂

— Michelle

Comment by Michelle

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