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Maiden Felting Voyage Adventure…Part II
December 14, 2006, 3:39 pm
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Alright then, you’ve probably lost sleep wondering about this bag and its creation. So to make a long story short, I felted it. None of this testing, check every 10 minutes crap for me, nosirree. Though I’d probably be heartbroken if it turned out badly. If you’ve been following along, you’ll know that patience is indeed a virtue…it’s simply not one of mine.

So I tossed that puppy in on HOT, and added a kettle of boiling water. Repeat entire thing once. And it felted beautifully for the most part. Alpaca is a felter’s dream. And the colors! As this was another scrap project, it cost me less than $4 to create, and that cost will go down as I use the rest of the stuff I got for that $4. Are you loving it? However, there was a slight hiccup.

This is a project that uses two strands held together. I used a different aqua wool with the Disco eyelash stuff.
1. The diff. aqua wool was apparently superwash. It did not felt. Not even slightly. And it didn’t even seem to care that all the other fibers were doing what they oughta.
2. The eyelash stuff apparently didn’t like the (boiling) hot water. It was still lashy, but had lost its insane turquoise luster.

Ergo, the body of the bag was beautiful. All firm and felty and cool. The top of it, however, would not stand up with the rest of the bag. It sagged. So sad! So lifeless. So, being a new felter I sat on it (not the bag) for a while. Basically until I couldn’t stand it anymore, and was willing to go at the thing wildly with scissors. I did reserve a moment during the cutting for posterity:

Well shucks, it’s lying down and you really can’t see how wishy-washy it looked. And what’s more, I don’t have a picture of how freaky it was looking with its commando haircut. But hey, posterity will have something, won’t it.

The haircut left bits of the old yarn and lashy stuffy which actually ended up being good. I then took only the lashy stuff (had some left) and single crocheted into the wholes the other stuff had been in. The end result is pretty cute actually, I think. While the bag was naked, I went hardcore and added some grommets, for which I had purchased not only grommets but a grommet tool. The tool consists of a stud and an anvil, and the process is somewhat like bits of metal getting freaky together. I did it with a hammer on my cold porch. I then trimmed the handles and stuffed them through the grommet holes. I decided to leave them long so that they could be tied longer or shorter depending on my mood. It’s also got a snap, if you’re interested:



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Wow that’s so cute! I NEED to try felting now!

Comment by kryscrochets

Thanks Krys! Looks like you’ve caught the bug. 🙂

Comment by songdeva

Looks great after felting! 🙂 Very good rescue with the impromptu haircut.

— Michelle

Comment by Michelle

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