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New Year’s (Un) Plans and a wicked big tree.
December 29, 2006, 12:24 pm
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Whew! I have survived the holidays. If you are reading this, I have good news for you because it means you survived them too. Bravo/a! Admittedly, New Year’s is still lurking out there.

Are you still among the crowd that gets loose for New Year’s Eve? Will you be dancing the night away? For the past few year’s I’ve attended a peace/meditation/intention setting circle. It’s been very powerful and centering. But this year I’m tempted to mix it up a bit. I could use some dancing around a fire circle, which I’ve never done, but really want to. Or maybe I’ll wrap myself in blankets and sit under a particular tree in my neighborhood that I love. If you want to check this tree out, you’ll have to find the tree, and my neighborhood, on your own, ’cause I a’int telling.

The tree is definitely here for all who can recognize who and what it is. It’s a powerful, spiritual being. I am calmed and grounded everytime I stand under it, wrapped in a sacred space that feels like an ancient temple. And I feel it go to work healing old wounds, especially in my heart. It’s exceedingly tall and its low-sweeping branches hide me from passers by (which are few to begin with). I usually stop in while walking my dog, who has grown accustomed to tolerantly waiting while I stand underneath it for a minute or five. Kinda’ tolerantly anyway…she doesn’t tug too much on the leash to hurry me up.

And I can reach out with my awareness when going to sleep, and find this tree, and feel it wrap its love around me. It has a big presence. You can’t miss it, I think, if you are open at all. For the New Year, I wish for everyone an easily accessible, safe and sacred space, where you can go to be reminded of your own divinity. And I pray for all of us to know how to find this space within our own hearts, whenever we need it, at a moment’s notice.


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Hi Lara:

I have to say that I am also more spiritual during the holidays as they were so awful when I was a child/teen. Lonely, sad, depressing, dangerous were some of the adjectives I’d have to share when it comes to the holidays.

Since I reached my 30’s and survived, then the 40’s, and am now in my 50’s, I’ve started brand new traditions that have nothing to do with the commercial applications most people have on their holidays.

I give more during the holidays to help keep from being sad, lonely and depressed, and since I’ve been on my own for a lot of years now, I don’t have to worry about them being dangerous (thank goodness)! I donate more knitted and crocheted items to people who need them to stay warm, food to those who are hungry, art to those who want to auction thinigs off to raise money for abused adults and children…there are so many ways to help people here in the US as well as throughout the world.

It’s scary enough for people living in our world, so that when we do things that help others and create a sense of peace, it really helps with all the bad holidays I’ve ever had.

Keep up the great work, Lara.

Jet (aka spinningdiva)
Celtic Crossroads Alpacas, Finn, & Icelandic Sheep
Walla Walla, WA

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