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Moving Forward Fearlessly…and energy for singing
January 7, 2007, 10:04 pm
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It’s wonderful reading this, from Natasha the Artists Blog, as it’s a primary issue I’ve been facing/learning about lately. How fear keeps me from moving forward. Or how I let it do so. I mean, realistically, why not fixate on the possible positive wonderful outcome? This is after all part of how we can create said wonderful outcome. I have to talk myself through this sometimes and shift the prevailing fear energy into something I can use.

Another thing I’ve discovered, as a performer and spiritual chick, has helped me greatly: Part of the fear or nervousness we experience before performing is simply a building of energy, much like before working with spirit. It’s a building of the big energy that is required to do what we do, singing, acting, dancing, etc.

The first time this occurred to me, I was preparing to sing (thanks guides), and immediately the tension that had been building…didn’t dissipate really, but sort of evened out, and wasn’t so overwhelming. Said energy feels more like an ally when this happens. I remember thinking “Maybe this fear is just Big Energy.” And really, it’s more than what I’m accustomed to dealing with on a constant basis, but it’s what I use to connect with the audience and is what I transmit to them while singing. Which is, I think, why people go see other people perform in the first place. 🙂 What do you get from a singer or a dance troupe or live theatre? An energy that helps you tap into something in you that needs expression. Artists are pretty special I think, and I never looked at them that way before, as serving a purpose other than beauty if you will. As helping others express themselves.

But that is how my California friend Kimberly explained what happens when I sing (in front of an audience she meant), that it helps people tap into their emotions. Which was cool, because I’m relearning what it is that I do these days. And I’m relearning because in the past I only experienced it through a haze of fear, that I had learned to sing through. Ick. I missed most of the good stuff during, though I got the positive feedback later. But because I’d been focussed on the fear during the song, for example, the compliments after often seemed disconnected from my experience of actually singing. Comment if I need to explain this more clearly. Yeesh.

It was so bad that at one point I decided (just before a performance) never to do it again. But that’s a post for another day, and luckily for my spirit, it turns out we can’t escape what drives us.


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Love it! ‘Big Energy’not fear! From now on, I will think of that everytime I go on stage.

Thanks Songdeva!

Comment by greenlavender

Awesome! Let me know how it works for you GL. 🙂

Comment by songdeva

I think a lot of us “spiritual chicks” are getting lessons from our guides on fear. Good thing, too; they’ve got big plans for us! Can’t wait to read more.

Comment by halfnotes

10Q, halfnotes (say 10Q outloud if you’re confused). I just checked out you and your crystals and what not. Great!

Comment by songdeva

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