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Crochet Endeavor Gone Horribly Awry
January 17, 2007, 8:26 pm
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Check this out:
I was gonna make my mom a cute roll brim hat for Christmas. I had some mystery lopi wool (I mean NO ONE has heard of it. It has one mention on the web, and that is by someone who came across some and had never seen it before. That’s it, in English anyway.)

Now long after the fact, I spoke to Meg at her 2006 Fiber Swap, and came to understand that what I had been crocheting this hat with was unspun lopi wool, specifically pencil roving. Look at me, throwing the lingo around…you can’t touch this.

Anyway, the pattern, one of the caps for cancer at, called for two bulky strands held together throughout. My rookie mistake happened when I tried to translate 6 strands of pencil roving into two strands of bulky yarn. I then took something like an 11.5 mm hook and whipped it up, intending to felt it. What is it with me and felting? I’ve done some cool stuff by felting, but it isn’t like I’ve had one felting experience yet that went off without some major kind of snafu. So 3 days before xmas, family lolling around the house, I decide to start this hat for Mom. Yeah.

What went so horribly awry you ask? It’s adorable in its pre-felted state above, right? Well, take a gander at this picture of my creation positioned artfully next to my laptop, for scale:

This was before felting. Now,stop laughing and I’ll tell you the rest. Much like Dorothy repeated the refrain “There’s no place like home” in an effort to keep the faith, so I kept telling myself all through the crochet process that this Lopi wool would “felt like crazy” so I didn’t really need to heed the sick little twist in my stomach every time it danced and jumped and basically told me, in not so many words, that the hat was too damn big.

In my defense, even Meg said that unspun Lopi should felt in a big way. *sigh* When I get around to it, I’ll post a pic of the finished project. Since I was using a charity pattern for a gift, my intention was to make another hat for charity. I’m not sure I should inflict something like this on someone who’s already facing great struggles.


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Oh, you poor thing. I didn’t felt at all? Maybe another spin in the wash? I do like the colors you used. 🙂

Comment by appliejuice

Oh dear. If it’s any consolation, it’s a cute hat…just…a very large one. 🙂 Um. Your mom could cut eye holes in it and wear it ala that kid from the Fat Albert cartoons of yesteryear?

Comment by Jim

Great idea! It’s actually large enough that if she cut enough holes, she and three friends could dress up as that kid from Fat Albert.

Comment by songdeva

Thanks Applie. I’m sorry to say it’s been washed and dried thrice. I’ll take pics and post soon. 🙂

Comment by songdeva

Try again with 4 strands instead of 6. MAYBE that will work………Good Luck
I do know the feeling, been there, done that.

Comment by Mazell Stafford

Some wools just have a hard time felting. I know some people who have soaked things in ice water and then thrown them into the hot soapy agitating wash with a pillow case full of tennis balls to get the thing to felt.

Comment by Wendy

OH MY. I love the fat albert comments…. I totally remember that hat!

Comment by Roz (

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