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January 17, 2007, 8:24 pm
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Well now! A while back I posted this, and for some reason never showed a close-up, so I figured I’d add that now. This shot better shows the cool combination of yarns in this cowl scarf.

In other news, I’ve got some pics of some Christmas gifts, made by me, including one gone horribly awry.
First of, here’s one of one fingerless mitts made by me for my good friend Beth. Yes, Beth does have two hands, however after making one, I started to waffle wondering if she’d like them. So yesterday, I broken down and showed her the one, and she loved it. So I’ll be crocheting the second one now, out of wools from a local mill, and using the same pattern, Wristables, from Crochetme.

You may notice a blue thing on Circular needles. It’s one of my early knitting projects. Seeing as I’m evening more of a novice knitter than I am a crocheter. Just so’s you know. It’s a Healing Shawl I’m doing for my grandmother. More on that later.

Oh! And I almost forgot; I’d promised you a project gone horribly awry. Click here.

Finally, here is a Finished Object. It’s a scarf done for Beth’s (see above) daughter C. I used the the Crochet Addict’s Hearts in a Row pattern. And it worked out quite well. Mind you, I had to do it in Light Blue and Pink, C.’s (age 12) favorite colors. Ew. No offense, C., but jeez. Also, I know everybody likes to go outside and drape their scarves on hapless trees, and maybe the trees even like it, but it was too danged cold out today. So instead, I found a little bit of nature indoors. A member of the animal kingdom, even. My K9 couch potato, daisy (who, in all seriousness, is glaring at me as I type this. Might just be because she’s overdue for a rawhide chew):

Did you notice how slick I was about sneaking in a pet picture, kinda indirect-like?
Thanks for stopping by, and stay tuned, cause I’ll be posting my Calorimetry, and a stash confessional, most imminently.


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[…] See closeup of scarf here. […]

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Awesome pattern I am going to do it in light and lofty from Red Heart. Just what I was looking for. (the dog is cute too)

Comment by Debra

Debra, Thanks! Happy Holidays!

Comment by songdeva

Thanks for sharing the Pink Scarf pattern. I tried the link for the hearts in a row pattern but it takes me no where. Can you actually post the pattern or the corrected link for me. Or maybe e-mail it to me. Thanks. Your work is beautiful!


Comment by KatiefromKansas

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