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Fiberswap 2006…Yarn Haul…freaky coincidences
January 22, 2007, 5:50 pm
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Early in January 2007, I went to Fiberswap 2006 (yes, a smidge late) hosted in Holland, MA by the fabulous Meg, knitting and spinning teacher extraordinaire. I found out about it and got confirmed to go the night before, thanks to Greta of the Wayland Knitting Circle via the SnB mailing list, and only had time to identify 7 skeins of LaGran mohair that could be released to find a new home. As it was, I could only find 6 skeins that morning. So off we (me and my mohair) went to Western MA.

Now, I went looking for Noro. Preferably Kureyon. And I knew, as I made plans to go, that I would come home with Noro. Probably Kureyon. It just popped into my head, like. And I’ve learned to pay attention to this type of…popping. So I get to Holland, squeeze my tiny car into a tiny wooded space, and head into the event. We start by laying out our goods. And this is no joke, because these women are serious fiberists. Meaning, 60% of the gathering or more owns sheep.

After we got a finished basement room loaded with yarn sorted by fiber, we headed up to a pot-luck lunch in Meg’s recently redone first floor (to which I’d brought a rotisserie chicken). And can I just add that Greta brought some fabulous vegetarian chili. In all honesty, I’m not anti-vegetarian, and even like to entertain the thought of going down that road, at least occasionally. But my family has a chili recipe that contains meat, and that’s the way I like it. Whenever I’ve tried V-chili in the past, it was a disappointment, more like thick vegetabley soup.
So I’m ever so pleased to report that there was no mistaking that Greta’s chili was chili, and it was good. In fact everybody brought great stuff, and I left the table considerably fuller than when I sat down. Thank god I was still able to run for the yarn.

And when we were set loose on the yarn, here’s where I headed first:

And while the majority of it is this funky Noro that I quite like, I’ll have you know that the hot pink/orangey ball at the top is Kureyon. So ha.

From General

Next came the fabulous wools, mostly handspun and dyed, and also Lamb’s Pride, Galway, and a Russian wool/alpaca blend called Alpafina. (Soda can for scale. Please note, soda cans in MA are 2cm tall).

And cottons, so I can make dishcloths and really, truly learn to knit:

From General

And acrylics/wool blends, posed artfully with the tshirt, embroidered one for each participant, by Meg at her former place of work.

Food, yarn and a tshirt for $10. I mean, shut up already! This was too great! When I got home, I was heady with it all. Here’s what it looked like all together, not including the big bag of wool and lllama/wool roving, which may have still been in the car when I took this pic for you all:

It was great, and I have great stores of wools and natural fibers now for the bags I want to make for spring craft fairs. However, as I snap snap snapped away with my trusty digital camera, I got another *pop,* if you know what I mean (much like for the Noro). With that pop I knew that I had to “see” my stash. I had to get it allllllllllll out of the various places it was hiding, get it all together, and see it. Good god amighty, I was *not* prepared, I’ll tell you what. I’ll show and tell all in a future post.

But to end on a happier note (scary forboding music beginning to fade), I went to Greta’s Wayland circle a Weds. night or two later and met the crew who are very very nice and low maintenance….Her-Ka-Lees! Only a town or two from me, but we met way out in Holland. I’m planning to go again this week. And the freaky coincidence I romised you at the beginning of the post? Something told me to mention my mohair, so I did, since I had another skein looking for a new home (allergies!). Don’t you know it turned out that Greta’s friend was the one who got my mohair at the swap? I can’t remember her name right now, but she said she’d let me know if she needed skein #7. But wait, it gets better.

I went on to mention that I had gone to the swap hoping for Noro, and that I had been successful. Greta gave me a funny look, and as her friend chuckled, told me that the Noro had been hers. Now I don’t believe in coincidence, I believe in synchronicity. And this was very fun and very cool. Next time the three of us want to trade yarn, we can just do it locally.

I hope you’ll consider taking advantage of your local fiber swaps, though I’d recommend looking at your stash before you go. And chant the mantra “It’s safe to let go” as you root through your storage containers looking for what to take.


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