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Voodoo fires up my mojo…an actor reborn
January 25, 2007, 9:51 am
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I auditioned for a play last night. If you knew me, you’d roll your eyes and wonder why I wasn’t doing this on a regulary basis. For many years I’ve been focusing on singing, but acting is a big part of my training as a performer. I always wanted to sing but instruction was sparse around me, and yet it always seemed I could take an acting class anywhere I looked. So I did. And I’m funny and I have a good time.

This past summer I rediscovered the bug when I auditioned for a dinner theatre gig in Boston. At the time I thought, why not? I arrived a little early and sat in South Station reading the audition materials and I thought wow, I could get into this life….traipsing around the city, with time between audtions for funky cafes and cool shops and people watching. At the audition I felt something reawakened that had been sleeping for a long time. I did my thing, and of course they asked me to sing too, since they knew I could.

I performed a monologue I had written, since I couldn’t find anything I liked online. In fact I need to find it and record it somewhere more permanent than the blue lined pad it’s written on right now. ‘Cause I like it! And I get to use a southern accent with it. And it went over well.

When I left that audition I felt so connected to the universe and full of life. Was that, perhaps, a sign, you ask? Indeed, perhaps it was! It was like the Great Flow was connected through me, I was part of it all. I guess I’d been disconnected for some time.

By the way, I was cast. As an occasional player in the role of Mumbo Jumbles, a singing charlatan voodoo priestess who goes around the boat making up songs on the spot and singing them to people, and doing readings and performing fake rituals. (Everyone that knows me thought this was hilarious. I actually can do readings, and do make up songs constantly that I sing, largely to my dog. Who is very appreciative, thank you very much.) The best part is the show and dinner took place on a boat, during a three hour cruise of Boston Harbor. How cool is that? And I got paid to do it, so that makes me a professional actress. It’s official.

So when talking to a spiritual friend recently, she said that she felt like i should join a theatre group, and that that would lead to work in that realm. I thought to myself, I don’t want to join a theatre group. Yuck. Don’t know why I felt that way, really.

But shortly thereafter on a trip to Border’s with my mom, she came back from the ladies’ room saying “hey, there’s a flyer up in the hallway about auditions for a play coming up [in our town]. And I don’t know if its obvious to you, but I knew it was a nudge from the Higher Ups. So last night I went.

We spent a little over an hour doing really fun theatre-y exercises on stage. And I was surprised how much my body remembers. I cheated out naturally, every time. And when 5 of us were doing the same thing at once, I naturally moved downstage to be seen, not upstaging others, but claiming my own space. And we had great chances to be very physical. It comes back to me now, what is it, those 4 levels of height an actor uses? Someone? Anyway, I used them all quite naturally. It’s wonderful to audition and play when you have nothing to lose. In fact we never do and should audition this way always. It was a great night! It fired me up!

The director is a new theatre grad, fresh off the press and still wet. She said “If you’re interested in knowing your chances of getting cast, well, so far there are 9 auditioners and 10 roles.”

And it was an eclectic group of lovely people. I went in with the intention to be centered in love, and to see with loving eyes. And it worked; I could see the beauty of all these people, these gentle creative spirits. I’d read a message from a book that afternoon called Angel Blessings about spiritual family and how they are the ones that you really vibe with, unlike (so frequently) your blood family, or to coin a phrase, your Teaching Family. This was true here; I felt instant affection for most of them.

So, I find out Friday if I got cast (there are more auditions tonight). I’ll tell you how it turns out when I hear.


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Hey Deva-

Interesting post considering what I just posted last night. Best of luck with the audition. Hope it goes as you wish. Mumbo Jumbles sounds like an absolute hoot. Do you do kid’s birthday parties? Sounds more interesting than some lameass clown.
I’ll be back to check on the audition…

Comment by michaelm

And it was an eclectic group of lovely people. I went in with the intention to be centered in love, and to see with loving eyes. And it worked; I could see the beauty of all these people, these gentle creative spirits.

A lovely piece of writing.

If you’ve seen The Secret ( you’d know that ‘the law of attraction’ is extraordinarily powerful. With or without direct knowledge, you just applied it to perfection 🙂

– Solo xx

Comment by Solo

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