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Beaded Two Finger Bag Crochet: Free Pattern
December 27, 2007, 10:41 pm
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Two Finger Bag

So, several months ago, I agreed to make two bags for my good friend’s BF to give to his Ma and G’Ma for Christmas. Last week I learned he wouldn’t need them until the Thursday after Christmas. Fabulous! I wouldn’t have to rush throughout the holiday. Fast forward to yesterday, i.e. the Wednesday after Christmas. During a phone conversation with my friend, she casually asks if the bags are ready, as BF was hoping she’d pick them up.

Me: “What? I thought he didn’t need them until the Thursday after Christmas.”
Her: “Um, that’s tomorrow.”

I gasped audibly in response, and made arrangements for BF to pick up the bags at my house on his way north, the next morning (i.e., today). Now, Ma’s purse was all set, but GMa’s purse was still an in image in my mind. I had a Burgundy yarn I was planning to use for a clutch, with some porcelain beads, and a notion about a pin or a flower that I’d stick somewhere on the front. And I also had about 3 hours, because I was not willing to lose any sleep for this. I’ve been know to strive for hours to perfect a tiny detail. Whatever.

Four hours later, after buying myself some new sneakers, I got home, ran upstairs and grabbed a skein of wine-colored RH Plush, and the beads in question. Earlier, after speaking to my friend, B, I had brushed nail polish on the end of the yarn, which gave me a stiff enough end with which to thread the beads onto this terrycloth textured yarn. This is a bead-loading technique I read somewhere on Crochetville, once.

Here’s what I ended up with, and took photos this morning with only seconds to spare before B’s BF picked the purses up:
Two Finger Bag

Good news: he loved it!

Two Finger Bag

Materials: MC:1 Skein of Red Heart Plush, a wine-y color, may be called Claret.
CC:1 Skein of Caron One Pound Acrylic in Taupe
9.0 MM Crochet Hook (mine was clear purple plastic – eat your heart out)
4 beads to use on front of bag

Skills: SC, HDC, Chainless SC, SS

Start: Thread beads onto one strand of Plush yarn. Push beads way down as you go (this will be difficult do due to yarn texture, hence, only 4 beads are used on bag instead of 12). You’ll pull them up when you need to use them.

*Hold two strands of Plush together throughout.
1. Using Chainless Single Crochet, sc 12 stitches. Turn, Chain 2.
2. HDC in each stitch across.
3. Repeat Row 2. Turn, Chain 1.
4. Sc in first four stitches, and then Chain 4. Skip four stitches on bag, and SC in last four stitches. Turn, Chain 1.
5. SC in each stitch across, including chain stitches, for a total of 12 stitches.
6. HDC in each stitch across.
7. SC 1, on stitch 2, pull up a loop leaving two loops on hook, pull up a bead as close to the hook as you can, and complete the SC stitch. Bead should be in front of yarn and plainly visible. SC across, repeating beading instructions on stitches 5, 8, and 11. 12 SC total.
8. HDC in each stitch across.
9. HDC in each stitch across.
10. If you are like me, about now you’ll be discovering that this project could be going a little faster. In fact, we double-stranded largely for that purpose in the first place. If you are like me, you’ll peer over the side of the couch and discover some Taupe colored Caron acrylic, left over from a healing shawl. And you will know instantly that this color will complement the Claret Plush, and will add a little something to the whole bag experience. You will continue on, triple stranding, two strands of Plush, and one strand of Caron.
11. HDC in each stitch across. OOH and AHH at the pretty new color combination.
12. Now it’s up to you for the next little while. Repeat Row 11 until the front of bag is as long as you want it to be. Not the width; don’t worry about the width right now. Just the length, ma’am.
13. When the bag front is as long as you want it to be, repeat Row 11 two more times. These two rows constitute your bottom. Your bag bottom! Sheesh.

Start the back now:

14. Repeat Row 11 until the back of your bag, from the bottom up, reaches the bottom of the handle-hole in the front of the bag (obviously you have folded the bag to see when this has happened).
15. Next row, sc in first 4 stitches, chain four, skip four stitches on bag, and sc in last four stitches.
16. SC across, 12 sc.
17. Do a few rows of SC and/or HDC, whatever is the best combination for your back to be equal in length to your front.
18. Starting at top front, sc around the of the entire purse in a long “U”. You may want to use 3 sc in each corner space to make the corners turn smoothly.
19. When you get back to the top again, slip stitch across the claret colored portion to meet the first border sc.
20. Fold bag so that the outside is on the outside. I.e., the front with beads is on the outside front, and the outside back is on the outside back.
21. Now starting with one held-together side, slip-stitch the front and back together, by stitching into the two inside stitch loops. Having trouble? Hold them together and take a pic to see what I mean. When you finish, fasten off leaving a 6 inch tail of all three strands.
22. Do the same to the other side.
23. Trim the tails on both sides so all 6 strands are equal in length.

24. You’re pretty much done!

1.Two Finger Bag is called such because the handle whole is a bit smaller than similar bags, and only requires two to three fingers for carrying. Think of the possibilities! You have multiple digits free for iPods and mobile phones, and god knows what else. Just keep it clean, people.

2. Two Finger Bag is super easy and super quick (as in a coupla hours). The pattern only has 90 million instructional lines because I tried to spell EVERYTHING out as plainly as possible.
Also,please note, I don’t have huge amounts of pattern writing experience, so please advise if something is not clear. BTW, the bag is hanging crooked on 2 nails, so it’s not actually as lopsided as it might look here.

3.Your triple strand stitches will be bigger than your double strand stitches, so the two holes may not match up completely. In fact, we hope they don’t, cause this non-alignment will highlight one of the bag’s design features. (Woohoo!) Look here:

Close Two Finger

What happens is, when the bag holder picks up the bag using the handle and a couple of fingers, some of the contrasting triple strands will be visible through the front hole, which is really pretty, wicked cool, and looks like I planned it that way from the start. Which I totally did. Really.

4. If chainless SC is frustrating and confusing you, skip it this time if you like, and simply chain 13, sc across for 12 SC total.

5. The amount of rows in each section really isn’t very important. In fact, you should eyeball each part so you get a bag that is the perfect size for your needs.

Copyright 2007


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Really nice, thank you for sharing this pattern. I will be making this one for sure.:)

Comment by Rita

Love it!

Comment by Cora Levesque

hey thank you for sharig the patteren ,i made one in christmas green and it was really easy

Comment by teri

WOOHOO! I have one of the 9.00MM clear purple plastic hooks too! And the others in the set. I will have to try the purse out.

Comment by Claysdee

[…] Beaded Two Finger Bag […]

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