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Fung Wah or Bus(t)
January 20, 2008, 4:25 pm
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So, I will be taking my life into my hands on Friday and hopping the early morning Fung Wah to Manhattan. I am so excited. And the fact that I’m taking the Fung Wah bus makes it all even more of an adventure.

I’m headed of to Manhattan for the day to audition for the Tisch School’s graduate acting program at NYU. I’ve been feeling so alive this week as I’ve really settled on and got to work on some monologues. I’ve been having one sided discussions with the auditors (read: with myself) about acting and why I’m there and how pleased I am to be auditioning and how I chose all new material for today.

I still need to write a personal statement and print out a resume and a headshot. Finalize my audition clothes and rehearse in them a few times. And meditate on how fabulous it all is and on receiving gladly these gifts from the universe. I also need a haircut and perhaps a manicure.

I’ve been walking around my house smiling, and every once in while I let out this high pitched “Nee!” sound. My neighbors probably think I’m hiding a dolphin in my bathtub. I’m not, not that I would be above this. I think “Nee!” indicates the overflowing of my heart with joy and gratitude. It’s accompanied by a blissful sensation where I feel like light shoots out of my heart through the top of my head, and I have to shake my head til the shivers subside. I feel alive and ready at these moments to try anything, like flying for the first time. Without a plane.

As my creative flow has increased this week, it’s been spreading into everything, knitting, cooking, whatever it is, I need to be creating. My instrument is ON. And I am ready to ride that Fung Wah like a wild stallion (a metaphor which may be quite apropos) into the sunset, or sunrise even, on Friday morning.


Back in Blogland

So let’s see…

I’ve done two more shows.

I have sung with life changing results and done drama with life changing results.

I put my dog down on Friday. Way to start a weekend. She was the canine love of my life.

I have finished an alpaca Clapotis. Me. This was the first thing I ever knitted that was bigger than….oh, I don’t know, a calorimetry.

I have cast on for a quant and have at least one third done in Kureyon.

There will be pictures of all this, but you’ll just have to wait.

I work in a fabulous little pizza joint that will no doubt inspire many stories. I can think of one right now. It’s really good. You’ll just have to wait.

If, after going for broke at a potluck today, I managed to have lost 1.6 pounds at my weigh-in tomorrow, I will have hit the 40 pounds lost mark. Yeah, big stuff, huh? I’m gearing up to wax poetic about it, so get ready.

I’m applying for grad school. Maybe I’ll post my essay here. Maybe not, though.

Other stuff…well, there’s been a lot of it. It might be more refreshing to just move forward, rather than catch up. What do you think?