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Quant de Lara
January 12, 2008, 2:58 pm
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Yes, you read right. I made a quant. I did entrelac. You can’t stop me! Took me a couple of weeks pre-Christmas, since I was rotating between projects at that time. Wanna’ see? You know you do!

Isn’t it gorgeous?? Yes I did say it. How can I not when Noro is so fun and amazing, colorifically. I used a skein of Noro Kureyon, Color 102. It’s looks like Fire and Ice sunsets, and is very similar to the yarn used by the designer, Star Athena. These colors were so satisfying to knit with, I go for the wild tropical sunsets I guess. Amazing vision bursting colors that exist in nature are heart boggling for me. Here is essentially the same picture with a slightly different angle:

I wear this a lot, esp. to work where I need to keep my hair back, but where ponytails are getting old. This way I give my hair a break (no pun intended), and get to sport some stuff that I hand-made for me. The other day, Charlie, a 6 foot plus burly young truck mechanic comes in to get his ham and American with light mustard only, and says, out of nowhere: “Oh, that’s nice, that head scarf. Did you crochet that yourself?” I was a little surprised (pleasantly!?) but managed to thank him and tell him that yes, I did. I’m gonna try a Marlena next, with a little CE Paintbox. Let’s see if he notices again!? Must have a mom or gramma that crochets? Lookit me, being all sexist. Maybe he’s an accomplished knitter or crocheter himself.

Skills I picked up on this puppy were Picking up stitches (both knitting and purling), and of course, Entrelac. I’m so impressed with myself. Happy yarning y’all.