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Another (Pre)Felted Bag
January 12, 2008, 2:08 pm
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I love going to yarn shops, esp. the Fiber Loft in Harvard, MA, and buying up little bags of tiny wool balls, and the odd skein of wool that has no mates. Recently I got a large skein of a bulky navy wool, can’t remember if there was a tag or not. One restless evening soon after I grabbed the book One Skein Wonders, and cast on for the Squashy Bag on page 30. I do not like the name squashy bag by the way. This is a quick one, and I modified it a bit.

You may not realize this, but these pre-felted pics are a real event here at Lara’s World. I generally never get pics til the bag is shrunked. From base to top the pre-felted bag measures about 8 inches, instead of 6. I’m assuming that the bag will felt more drastically vertically than horizontally, and since it’s a small bag already, I wanted to make sure it would be a little bigger than it might have been. Width-wise, pre-felted measures 11.5 inches. The i-cord strap is also longer than the pattern; it’s 54 inches long. Some of these photos look on my screen, but the bag is a true dark blue.

I *really* get a kick out of patterns that let me pick up a new skill. For this bag I learned Kitchener Stitch and grafting (for a total of 8 stitches), and holding stitches on a holder for later use. This last isn’t brain surgery, but now I’ve done it with my own hand and eliminated the any mystery. If you’re interested, here’s its butt:

Now in my world, a little navy bag, even boiled wool, is a little boring, so stay tuned for the felted pics, which will eventually include little felted flowers on the front and who knows what else. The bag will be properly funkified.